Supplementary Details on Cookie Usage and Privacy

Please note that this is not our main privacy policy; to read much more about how we safeguard your privacy, please check the main Privacy Policy for This page exists just to provide a concise overview specifically of cookies on this site and especially to satisfy the requirements of third party advertisers who may wish to set cookies on our sites.

General Information

Our server may ask your browser to save one or more cookies, including temporary session cookies, as part of the normal operation of our sites. Your browser can be set to reject these requests, either from all websites or from specific sites, and you can manually delete cookies directly via the web browser. These options are generally configured through a ‘Privacy’ setting in the browser.

Further information specifically for opting out of interest-based advertising is available from NAI and EDAA.

Google’s Use of Cookies

For sites which display cookie-laden advertising provided by Google, please be aware of the following:

NOTE: On pages which display cookie-laden advertising provided by Google, we are now using a tool from Google (Funding Choices) to help ensure that EU, UK and EEA users are offered correct choices with regard to the use of cookies and/or personal information by Google and its partners. Google will record the choices and store them in a cookie. As of 28 August 2021, it is unclear whether Google’s instructions for providing a link to revoke consent previously granted through Google’s tool will work reliably. We have reported this problem to Google, but for now if you would like to withdraw consent, it appears that visitor choices are stored in a cookie labelled FCCDCF, so deleting that cookie via the web browser as described above should do the trick. Alternatively, you can also try the link provided by Google: Click here to revoke or otherwise modify your choice.

WordPress Cookies

In the following circumstances, our server may ask your browser to save a persistent cookie to help it identify your browser on your next visit and to tailor your experience appropriately:

Please note that making use of the functionality described above requires the use of these cookies; WordPress does not function correctly without them.

Additional Information on Google Analytics

Although we use Google’s Analytics platform to view aggregate data about visits to our sites, IP addresses are discarded automatically, and we have requested that Google’s tool ensures no cookies are set for visitors identified as from the EU or the UK.