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This section includes most of the original material from my online therapy and online clinical supervision practice.

After half a decade in private practice as an online therapist, starting at CounsellingResource.com in 2003, I no longer felt able to keep up with the growing demand for online mental health services. The time was right to offer a bigger and better service with shorter waiting lists and more choice, so in 2008, the CounsellingResource.com online counselling service was spun off and expanded into a new service with four independent online practitioners working from a platform on a separate, self-contained site.

After another 6 years, and having taken an extended sabbatical for a couple of years to create several other sites and services, eventually I closed the practice platform in mid-2014. A few years later, that original site was acquired by a larger online therapy provider and became one of its primary delivery platforms, while the content from that original site was archived here on TryCounselling.com.

I’ve retained this material here for reference since over the years many other mental health professionals have been in touch asking about the practice, wondering about getting started in online practice themselves, or hoping to join the group platform directly.

For our take on the ethics and security of online therapy and online counselling services in general, please see the article on our parent site called Ethics, Security and Real Therapy, Online. In a nutshell, we have never offered ‘virtual therapy’. We only do real therapy, but we do it online: every practitioner on this platform committed themselves to engaging in a real relationship, providing real counselling, real therapy or real psychology services online.

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