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TryCounselling.com exists to provide you with a choice of experienced and appropriately qualified and trained mental health professionals available to work with you online.

TryCounselling.com and Our Online Mental Health Practitioners

This site exists to provide you with a choice of mental health professionals available to work with you online. You can read more about this site’s general philosophy about online mental health services, or you can learn more about our individual practitioners from the links available at the bottom of each page or from our home page.

All online mental health services provided via TryCounselling.com — whether online counselling, online therapy, or online psychology services — are provided by individual mental health practitioners with appropriate qualifications, experience and training in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, or a combination of those fields. When you contract with an individual mental health practitioner whose services are listed on TryCounselling.com, you will be contracting directly with that individual, and that practitioner will provide a separate statement of their terms of service and their privacy policy. You can also read about the site’s general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The History and Rationale of Online Practice at TryCounselling.com

Spun off from CounsellingResource.com as a separate entity in 2008, our service has been designed from the ground up to provide an exclusive platform for a small number of therapists in online practice.

This site was created because after half a decade of individual online practice, an almost permanent waiting list, and well over 1 million words of online counselling with clients from all over the world, I felt unable to keep up with the growing demand from visitors to CounsellingResource.com who would like to use online mental health services. Rather than continue to turn away potential clients, I decided to create a new and larger service, one designed to accommodate more practitioners than just me. I decided to base the new service right here. (This service was originally housed on a different domain; see the main “Historical Practice Archive for Dr Greg Mulhauser” page for details.)

Who Provides This Service?

As described in our Terms of Service, this site is formally provided by Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. (Registered in England no. 4455464. Registered Office: 31 High Street, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 8AD.) Mulhauser Consulting is registered as a Data Controller under the United Kingdom Data Protection Act.

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