Online Counselling and Therapy Terms of Service

You will be asked to agree to a few basic principles outlined in the Terms of Service below before undertaking online counselling or online therapy with Dr Greg Mulhauser via

  • You agree that you have familiarized yourself with the information provided on the page on How Does it Work? and on What Does it Cost? and are willing to work within these parameters.
  • You agree that you are 18 years of age or older.
  • You agree to supply only true information on the Welcome Questionnaire included as part of the Getting Started process, and you agree in particular to supply your true name and contact details. You agree not to deliberately omit significant information.
  • You agree that during initial communications, both counsellor and client will need to evaluate whether they believe they can work together effectively, and in particular the counsellor may choose not to work with you via the internet. You agree that either of us may discontinue our counselling relationship at any time.
  • You agree that an estimate of waiting time, if there is a waiting list in place, will be made on a ‘best effort’ basis and cannot be guaranteed with precision.
  • You agree that you are seeking services specifically for personal counselling or therapy, or clinical supervision, and not in connection with any research project either for publication or for private use.
  • You agree that the counselling or therapy services of Dr Greg Mulhauser will be provided by Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd., that the provision of these services will be understood to take place in England, and that the provision of these services and all our work together will be governed under the laws of England and Wales.
  • You agree that neither Dr Mulhauser nor Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. provides a 24-hour emergency service. You agree to identify appropriate services in your local area which will be able to provide emergency assistance, should it be required.
  • You agree that neither Dr Mulhauser nor Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. will be held responsible for direct or consequential loss due to internet service failures or computer malfunction. You agree to accept all responsibility for the maintenance of your own computer and internet service, as well as for the maintenance of your own financial accounts. These responsibilities include correctly configuring any spam filters or challenge-response systems so as to permit the delivery of email from, as well as maintaining your own financial accounts in good standing so as to permit payments to be made to or refunds to be made from Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. You agree that neither Dr Mulhauser nor Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. will provide any computer support or internet service support, or any assistance with maintaining your financial accounts.
  • You agree that Dr Mulhauser, not being a physician, will not provide medical advice, and that no counselling or therapy services provided or contracted via this site will be construed as the practice of medicine or telemedicine.
  • You agree to have considered alternatives to counselling via the internet, some of which include face-to-face counselling, speaking with a friend or family member, or doing nothing.
  • You agree that the internet-mediated provision of counselling services is still relatively young and relatively less well-researched than other delivery modalities. (The Annotated Bibliography of includes some relevant references.)
  • You agree that Dr Mulhauser and Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. may, with full safeguards for individual client privacy and confidentiality, conduct aggregate statistical analyis of email exchanges — including counting total words exchanged, determining word use frequencies, and performing related statistical analysis — for the purposes of research and service development. Where research is published, no information will be revealed at the level of any individual client except where those clients have given explicit written permission for us to do so.
  • You agree that no warranty as to the effectiveness of the counselling service provided by Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. is either expressed or implied.

Thank you.

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