Getting Started with Online Supervision

In addition to individual counselling services online, I am available for a strictly limited amount of online peer supervision.

How to Get Started With Online Supervision

Getting started with online supervision is fairly quick and painless, but I do ask that you agree to our online supervision terms of service and that you familiarize yourself with how the process works and what it costs. Then I ask for some information about you, and finally you can select your choice of payment options.

Background Materials on Online Supervision

Having recently spun off my practice from to this site, the background materials for my online peer supervision services are still maintained as part of the section on Training, Supervision, and Development. So, before going any further, I’d encourage you to have a look at those materials now, if you haven’t already done so — especially the FAQ About Online Supervision and the suggested questions to ponder — before considering undertaking online supervision.

Essential Reading: Terms, Costs, and Process

If you’ve already had a look at the background materials mentioned above, then the next step is to be sure you’re happy with the following:

  • Online Supervision Terms of Service
  • How Does it Work? (addresses online counselling, but also applies to supervision)
  • What Does it Cost? (addresses online counselling, but also applies to supervision)

Welcome Questionnaire and Initial Payment

The Welcome Questionnaire will provide some basic information to help us get started with online supervision. The questionnaire enables me to learn a little about you in advance, without having to encumber our initial discussions with too many administrative questions. It is entirely without charge: the answers provided on the form are not included in the word count for email exchanges.

The Online Supervision Welcome Questionnaire is immediately followed by PayPal links to enable you to make your initial secure payment for the service.

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